24" Block

Made of concrete, the 24" Block is idendical to the unit above, only 8 inches longer. The ends contain grooves specifically designed to interlock with the I-Beams, forming a permanent, integrated perimeter foundation. 24" StoneSkirt units are available in a variety of colors and textures, providing the design flexibility and individual preferences you require.

8”H x 24”W x 2.5”D
37 lbs.
1.333 Sq Ft

Sill Block

Putting the finishing touch on your manufactured home skirting is quick and easy with the StoneSkirt Sill unit. Resembling the appearance of a traditional stone sill, this unit sits atop your skirting wall with a specially designed column bracket allowing for possible frost heave.

Our Sill units are split faced and colored to match the appearance of your StoneSkirt skirting application.

4”H x 16”W x 4.5”D
18 lbs.

Aluminum I-Beam

The StoneSkirt I-Beam is at the heart of the revolutionary StoneSkirt perimeter foundation system. The I-Beam is shaped with interlocking wings which conform to each StoneSkirt unit. The I-Beam joins one unit to the next ensuring proper alignment, unit interlock, and a positive mechanical connection between all units.

4.32 lbs.
8 ft.

PVC I-Beam

Identical to the aluminum I-Beam, only made out of PVC, it to is shaped with interlocking wings which conform to each StoneSkirt unit.

High density PVC
3.5 lbs.
8 ft.

Angle Iron

Angle Iron provides a level surface for the StoneSkirt columns and is designed to be used in normal soil conditions.

2"H x 3"W x .25"D
41 lbs.
10 ft.

L-Column Bracket

Made of galvanized steel and attached to the underside of the home, the column bracket stabilizes each StoneSkirtâ„¢ column and allows for a frost heave gap.

Made from Galvanized Steel


Vents are required to meet certain state and/or local venting codes.

High density PVC
8”H x 16”W
1.23 lbs

Access Door

The Access Door allows access to the crawl space area of the home.

High density PVC
24”H x 24”W
2.79 lbs